satellite of love


Big Pimpin’

The future of Satellite Communications has just arrived! The all new Iridium GO! with an unlimited data plan for US$135 a month will change the way you communicate offshore. Wirelessly connect up to 5 smartphones, tablets or computers to the satellite unit to make calls, get forecast updates, email and even use social media.

Unlimited Data Plans

With Iridium’s Unlimited plan for only USD$135 a month you can forget about counting data and spend more time using it!

WiFi Connectivity

Connect up to 5 tablets, computers or smartphones using WiFi.

SOS Emergency Alert

Set an emergency phone number that can be contacted even without a device connected.

Integrates with the PredictWind Offshore Package

An application released for mac and coming soon to pc that can download and view grib files, run weather routes, view satellite imagery and receive GMDSS forecasts.

Purchase the Iridium GO! Marine Package from PredictWind today and save 22% off the retail price. This is unbeatable value for remote coastal and offshore sailors.



And this title inspiration is thanks, of course, to Lou Reed.