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race q banner adAs sailing technology gets cheaper and becomes easier to use, club level racers can evaluate their sailing performance in ways that we could only dream of a few years ago. One new tool that is becoming more popular is uploading your GPS tracks to create 3D replays of your sailboat race, or trip. There are lots of ways to do this, and you can learn a lot about your performance from replaying it in 3D. Creating a replay is simple if you avoid buying fancy equipment or trying to do time consuming manual uploads by simply recording your race with a smart phone app.

A new startup, raceQs, has created a free, powerful phone app that records your race with just the push of the button and creates 3D race replays that you can share online. The app uses the built-in capabilities of your smart phone to record advanced motion data, detect mark roundings, and even calculate the wind direction. You can choose to broadcast your race replay to raceQs website while you sail, or upload the track for review later. It’s exciting to make your own 3D replay, but the software really excels when you get the whole fleet involved. The raceQs’ 3D fleet replays include match racing comparisons, VMG tools, and tacking statistics. The raceQs’ replays are stored online, in a shareable online journal that can be made public, or kept private. Get Started with your free raceQs account by using your phone to create a 3D replay this weekend.