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Fresno Rules

Ever since the dopes at Fresno Yacht Club made the somewhat short-sighted, petty decision to accept, then reject our entry to their now-deceased High Sierra Regatta, we have been fascinated by all things Fresno, and have been only too happy to share them. Here’s today’s…

A Fresno man was arrested after he fired a shotgun into his neighbor’s first-floor apartment, then discarded methamphetamine at nearby Lowell Elementary School as he attempted to evade officers, police said.

The incident began shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday when the suspect, Anthony Michael Garcia, 25, fired the shotgun through the floor of his own apartment into his neighbor’s downstairs apartment, Lt. Joe Gomez said. No one was injured.

Arriving officers saw Garcia fleeing down an alley behind his apartment in the 200 block of North Glenn Avenue. Garcia ran to Lowell Elementary School, about two blocks away, where he attempted to discard methamphetamine before his arrest, Gomez said. Read more here.