x boat

Take a J-80, add a plumb bow, open the transon a bit more, switch square hatch for circular, give it an ‘Eastern’ window, and before you know it you have an X-80, or should that be an Ex J-80? Even the rig is virtually identical. The keel is however is over 50kg lighter according to figures posted on the respective companies’ websites so expect the X to be a lot less likely to stand up to her canvas in a breeze than the J. As one person commented “it will just fall over when it blows” and it certainly can blow in Xiamen.

For a while Hudson Yachts, a Taiwanese builder with a factory in Xiamen on the mainland was OEM builder for the  J-80. For whatever reason that relationship ended so Hudson yachts, having seen lots of J-80s being sold decided to do more of the same – well similar at least. And before anyone starts shouting ‘bloody mainland Chinese again’ just remember this company is from good old USA’s main ally in the region, Taiwan! – Shanghai Sailor.