Big Pimpin’

kaise banner adIndependent sources of energy and means of replenishing energy are becoming increasingly important to the marine market.  Boaters  are seeking ways to operate their comforts of home anytime, anywhere.  These sailors and cruisers also require intelligent ways to charge deep cycle batteries faster and more efficiently.  KISAE understands that making the most of leisure time is vital when we get away from our hectic work lives.  And that it is crucial that the tools we buy to assist us in enhancing our pleasure time are simple-to-use, and reliable.   KISAE inverters, inverter-chargers and deep cycle battery chargers are ideally suited for the boating customer.

KISAE is a company that provides a great blend of small company passion for the business and customer care with category and technology experience.  Its founders possess over 20 years of experience in Alternative Energy and Portable Power markets, resulting in reliable, easy products that offer the perfect match of high quality with economic value.

Check out our sinewave inverter and inverter-charger lines to see how they can enhance your cruising or sailing experience – these products produce grid-quality power for your appliances and sensitive electronics.  KISAE battery chargers ensure that you get the longest possible life from your marine batteries, whether they are AGM, Gel, Flooded, or Lithium.

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