little tri

foiling tri

The boat was simply spectacular today. The wind was 3-5mph max but was 4-6 at my house from the south when we left. By the time we got to the Port Canaveral it had switched to the SW and died to 3-5. But the waves left over from the 20 mile fetch south were still “bending around” thru the bridge. I would have preferred flat calm -no waves-just wind. But as it turned out-well, it could not have turned out better.

First thing we noticed was that the lee ama popped up-it was then we knew this was going to be a great day. Shortly after the ama popped up the whole boat did and we got a couple of stretches of extremely stable, fast foiling. Perfect pitch stability, perfect ama foil altitude control-man, she couldn’t have done any better. And all this in a 5MPH breeze! I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied that the step by step analysis I did after the first three videos was right on target.

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