soft cell

soft cell 1

Created by the team of wing designer from France (Hugues de Turckheim), wing camber builder from Switzerland (MB Composite), platform designer from Sweden (Stefan Törnblom), wing envelope sail maker from Sweden (Mats Johansson, Gransegel), and builder from Hungary (Pauger Composite), this quick 1200 kg all carbon is the T29 trimaran, “T for 3” is the first production multihull to be equipped with a hoist-able and reef-able wing.

Maximal sheeting load on the main is greatly reduced compared to a conventional wing mast rig, from around 1600 to 80 kg, thanks to the balanced wing and the boat tacks through 70 degrees with unusual ease for a multihull. More about the wing in the Seahorse August edition. Photos in the Stockholm archipelago by Swedish junior sailor Olivia 12, usually helming « T for 3!

Title inspiration thanks to, um, Soft Cell.