blame game

Maybe it’s just us, but the accusations, blame and finger-pointing contained in the article below seem to be wildly off the mark. An 85 year-old schooner sank in a nasty gale, but now blame for neither the boat nor people being found is being levied at those who tried to find them? We don’t see it that way. An old wooden boat sank in a nasty storm. Major rescue efforts were launched. Sometimes bad things happen at sea. Attacking others to somehow find them culpable is ridiculous.

Families of seven people lost in the Tasman when their yacht vanished have criticised New Zealand’s search as poorly managed. And a close friend of one of the lost says the Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCCNZ) failed to find the 85-year-old US-flagged schooner Nina a year ago because it searched 354 kilometres too far east.

“They used the wrong drift modelling, they wasted valuable time and resources and tragically, it may have cost lives,” New Plymouth offshore sailor Paul Wilson said. At the same time international satellite phone operator Iridium Communications Inc denied hampering the search for the yacht that left Opua on May 29 last year for Australia. Read on.