smell the glove

Big Pimpin’

anchor new adAfter 25 years of competitively racing sailboats and using gloves that cost upwards of $40 bucks, we at ANCHOR GLOVE Co. decided to create what our sport so desperately needed. The frustration with gloves that offered little protection and hampered grip while drying to a degree of stiffness and smell that is unforgettable served as our motivation to create a glove that actually works the way we all know it should.

After testing more materials and combinations than we can count, we dialed in a groundbreaking silicone palm design that provides grip gains unparalleled by any other glove on the market. Building from this foundation, we strategically placed a kevlar based material on the fingers that provides superior protection for easing sheets and saves you from the proverbial rope burn.

We built our machine washable yes, machine washable! Anchor Flagship Sailing Gloves to last as we have users well into their second season on the same pair. Visit ANCHORGLOVES.com and become a better, safer, stronger sailor by getting your 3/4 Finger, 3 Finger or Full Finger pair today.

Pretty sure you know where the title inspiration comes from.