the bermuda triangle

Reader Rant

bermuda triangleAll this talk about Bermuda’s suitability for an International Sailing event got me thinking that it should be part of something bigger.  There’s the Newport/Bermuda, and the Bermuda 1/2, but there should be a big one to tie in between these and the AC.

What say we have a Bermuda Triangle Race.  Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Miami dodging all the Bahamas along the way.  the only way to get clear of them is to go north up into the TRIANGLE.  In open ocean racing there is always the specter of gear failure, but could it get any better than the possibility that a competitor might vanish in a green haze or be abducted by aliens?  Surely there are streamed TV rights to be sold.  and id the reception sucks, just blame the aliens and shave your head between takes.

There might be some really interesting teams sign up for that.  – Anarchist Ted.