know thy enemy

We have gotten a ton of e-mails from pissed-off Bermuda short-wearing Bermudians about us daring to question the postage stamp known as Bermuda as a potential America’s Cup destination. Here’s a sample…

I am astounded about how bitter you guys are about Bermuda being in the running as a possible venue for the next America’s Cup. Here are a couple of tid-bits for you to know:

1. The America’s Cup Series leading up to the last America’s Cup made the America’s Cup a “World Brand”

2. With regards to SA’s comment that holding the next AC in Bermuda would be like “holding a Formula One race in Bermuda”.Actually, the late Jim Clark & Graham Hill both scouted Bermuda and proposed that consideration  be given to holding an F1 race on the streets of Bermuda in the 1950’s.

You guys at SA really need to lighten up.  The US is our next door neighbour and we have a great relationship with you. We are both passionate about sailing…we are not your enemy.

Jump in the discussion and your bitterness.