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Big Pimpin’

JPG-Big-Pimpn Lead ImageIt’s perfect timing for us to welcome our newest advertiser, PredictWind.

PredictWind has been in the forecasting business since 2008 and they know what they’re doing. Jon, the director, comes from an extensive sailing and weather forecasting background running weather programs for Americas Cup & Volvo Ocean Race programs. The weather modelling technology is proprietary to PredictWind, and helping top navigators and sailors win races every day.

Recently they’ve made some great developments and increased free users access. The main changes have been upgrading the free account to a full 7 day forecast and also allowing 3 locations to be saved for quick access when you need it!

The free accounts now allow any user to get their hands on a professional quality forecast. Click the link below and experience PredictWind today!


Get-your-free forecast