water ski or sea breeze?

Race Report

farr 30 nmDay2 at the Farr 30 NA’s started out with perfect waterskiing weather of sunshine and near glass spread across English Bay for breakfast.

By dock departure time the breeze was building from the west and as Vancouver heated up so did the wind.  The breeze stayed steady throughout the day ranging from 9 through 14knts, perfect conditions for close Farr 30 racing.

A great space was found between the freighters large enough for the course.  A concern was raised that a freighter may park smack in the middle of the course.  Thankfully the freighter that came to park was considerate enough and chose a position giving themselves the grandstand view of the top mark.

With the day starting with one point separating Through and Patricia we knew it would be a well fought day.  Round two of race five saw Through and Patricia neck and neck with a split at the leeward gate.  Patricia took the favored north gate and Through taking the slightly better breeze on the south.  The breeze paid off with Through ahead on the cross.  Idiopathic was making a comeback with a 3rd, while Through improved their lead with a first and Patricia consolidated a second.

Race six was a clean start with Dopamine narrowly missing the pin.  At the first leeward gate it was Idiopathic in the lead taking the north gate followed by Patricia splitting to the south.  Although the north gate was favored throughout the day the fleet was consistently evenly split between the north and south.  This made for several position changes in each of the five races for the day.   Race six ended with Idiopathic taking line honors by a hairs width, with Patricia and Deep Pickle hot on her heals.

With a quick turnaround between races the crews had to be fast not only at racing but also gaining sustenance.  Race seven saw a ruckus with several boats at the top end resulting in two protests at the starboard layline involving Port/Starboard and Room To Tack.  This ended with Nefarious collecting a DSQ.  The race ended with Patricia coming through in 1st, Through 2nd and Spiny Norman in 3rd.

No time for rest and onto race eight.  A clean start initially with Bat Out Of Hell charging at the committee boat and bearing off behind sterns.  A Port/Starboard incident just off the start had Spiny Norman doing a penalty and then retiring from the race.  At the top mark the tide line was building with some boats being caught out.  Through came in 1st with Patricia leading the pack, but the real battle for the finish line was between the 10th and 11th place with hardly a millimeter between 65 Red Roses and Spiny Norman.

The last race (race nine) for the tired and by now weary was the fifth three lap windward leeward for the day.  With the tide and wind changes the fleet now had additional tactical choices with both the option of sides of a freighter and a tide line.  This resulted in a few over standing the top mark.  Deep Pickle was the first to gybe and cross into better tide and possibly make a place or two.  Patricia crossed the line 1st with a close battle for 2nd (Dopamine), 3rd (Through) and 4th (Idiopathic).

So after nine races, going into the final day of two races there are several competitions within the regatta; only two points between 1st and 2nd, one point between 4th and 5th, equal points for 6th, 7th and 8th and one point between 9th and 10th.

The overall results after Day 2 are:

USA 704 – Patricia 17

CAN 18 – Through 19

USA 691 – Dopamine 43

USA 62 – Deep Pickle 56

USA 64 – Project Mayhem 57

CAN 4 – Idiopathic 61

CAN 3 – Spiny Norman 61

CAN 63 – M Power 61

USA 53 – Nefarious 70

USA 55 – Bat Out Of Hell 71

CAN 7 – 65_RedRoses 78

Remember all races count so there are no discards and only two races to go so out of the bars and into bed.  Let us see what the wind gods have in store for tomorrow as places will be changing.

A new video covering most starts and finishes for the Farr 30 North American Championships is available on you tube at this link.