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Local Knowledge

Hey guys, I’ve been reading SA for years as I have grown out of junior sailing. Now that I’m back from my first year of college and have been sailing dinghies all year long I have been itching to get out on the big boat.¬†Yesterday/today my dad and I did the Sid Clark race out of Bristol, RI and raced out and around Block Island. I made a quick video today of the race and my dad insisted it was good enough to send to you guys, so here it is.

It’s just shot on a GoPro and a basic DSLR, both of which I was only able to afford from coaching sailing during summers. It was a pretty small fleet because everyone is currently on their way to Bermuda, but we managed to get first by some 10 hours over the line and 8 corrected, which was pretty cool. Cheers, Anarchist Tuckerman.