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Reader Rant

adrianSo we’re all watching F1 Canada and listening to Red Bull / Adrian Newey’s announcement, blah blah blah it all sounds a bit PR and on brand, but then on the grid walk for Sky Tv viewers in the UK, Martin Brundell catches Newey off guard for an informal live chat and Newey comes right out with it and says he is “so excited about his new challenge outside of motor sport” we’re all thinking, hang on, that’s no PR line.

But then think, if you’re an aerodynamics guru at the top of your game for 20 years in F1 and your bored, you don’t like the new rules, what else but the Americas Cup would capture your imagination as a new project?

We know for a fact he has met with Sir Ben previously, so could this be a match made in heaven and the ultimate title contender? If anyone is to take on Larry then the combo of Newey, Sir Bens’ BAR and the might of Red Bull would be it. Lets hope this is the news we’ve all been waiting for to finally topple Larry E… – Anarchist Stuart.