being there

The latest today from Ryan Breymaier on Hugo Boss as they battle across the Atlantic in the Ocean Masters Race…

Life is not always easy on one of these things, especially in light air when just a few miles of lateral separation can mean a huge difference in windstrength and consequently boatspeed.  We were on the wrong side of that last night, and our competitors sailed away at 10-12 knots while we sat going 3-5…  I am sure some of you saw it on the tracker.  We also have been in fix-it mode for 2 days, a variety of small items are sapping our performance, and we are working hard to get going at 100% again.

In a way the light air has been a blessing as it allowed us enough sleep to spend most of the morning off the watch system.  Still there’s plenty of racetrack, between a ridge near the Portuguese coast, Gibraltar, and the Med, any of which could stop the guys in front and get us back on the road to success. Back at 17 knots as I write and feeling much better to be on the hunt again. – Ryan out.

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