high speed chase

On Board

Ryan Breymaier gives us a brief update from onboard Hugo Boss where there are currently chasing Safran for the lead of the Ocean Masters race.. They’ve got their work cut out for them…

PepeRyanHBAs they always say, there is no substitute for time in the boat.

Pepe and I are doing twice the work and holding onto second place because we are still learning the boat. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is time lost fixing the mast, Sunday was the first time we have ever sailed together just the two of us!!
Luckily we are quick learners, and the boat is faster than we make it look at the moment. We have a drag race ahead of us for the next couple days, so lets see what we can do.

In any event, the weather is awesome, bright and sunny, except a few squalls last night. The nice steady drag race is welcome as well as it will allow us to get some sleep.

Looking forward to seeing what the next couple of days bring! Track ’em here.