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ed hillAfter what has been over a 9 month project, it’s now just 5 days to the start of the Solitaire du Figaro.  Ever since I returned from my honeymoon in October my goal has been to get to the start line and be in the best possible shape.   I’m here and although there’s 100 things I would have changed about my campaign, the most important thing right now is that I am ready and feel prepared.

I’ve sacrificed a huge amount to put this campaign together, both financially and personally, nothing has been handed to me on a plate and I’ve worked incredibly hard to make it happen.  From freezing cold days in the Solent coaching the new ‘Rookies’  helping to pay my charter fee for Artemis 37 to the bitter taste of rejection at Sponsorship meetings, I think I’ve seen and learnt a lot this year.  There have also been some huge highs along the way as well, I could not be prouder to be racing for Macmillan Cancer Support and so many individual people have helped my campaign and made a real difference.

Frustratingly I believe I have come very close 3 times to signing a really viable commercial sponsorship deal but each time stumbled at the final hurdle.  Even in the last two weeks I have been desperately trying to put something together for a very interesting and innovative company but sadly just ran out of time.   Realistically this just means a fairly large debt to pay off after the race and some busy months ahead but most importantly I am at the start line and feel in good shape with excellent gear.

Up to now I have had the slightly awkward scenario of trying to raise funds for my campaign as well as trying to do as much as I can for Macmillan Cancer Support.  This will be no more as for the next month I am solely focused on racing hard raising as much as I can for Macmillan.   Hopefully people might be able to donate 1p per mile, adding £20.14p to my total.   Already I have the names of people who have donate £100 on my boat and they will remind me when times are tough of such a great reason to keep pushing.   The Solitaire du Figaro is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done, both mentally and physically but pales in comparison to the daily struggle cancer patients go through every day, especially those who face cancer alone.

I’ll update more on the race in the next few days but for now, if you can support my campaign by following it then please do as it makes a huge difference to me and most importantly if you can donate any money at all to Macmillan then please do this as well. I have a just giving page set up and you can access it below.  So the two things if you can help are:

Donate to Macmillan Cancer Support and Follow me Live from Sunday! –Ed Hill.