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Unibs skiff project has been unveiled last Saturday in Brescia (Italy). This project consist of the construction of a skiff designed and built by the student of University of Brescia. The idea was born and raised within the supervisor of CUS Brescia Sailing team, following the invitation of the university regatta “1001 vela cup”.

This innovative skiff is designed to be competitive in the water and at the same time we have tried to introduce a spirit of research and innovation. During the design great importance to the construction of a sustainable hull while maintaining lightness and strength is given. In this way student, in collaboration with Giovanni Pizzatti and Fabrizio Nicotera, has developed a preliminary draft of a skiff. A model with a flat keel and with 33 m2 of sails, overall length of 4,6 m and equipped with terraces is presented. The innovative idea, in order to obtain optimum characteristics of lightness, strength, flexibility, is the material used. A sandwich of linen (flax fiber treated) impregnated with epoxy resin and cork is presented. The construction of the skiff was divided in several activity , which required the students about a year of work.

More picture and info here.