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Sailboat Charter Needed
7 days, June 7th
(bareboat OR skippered)

Ocean-ready sailboat charter needed to support the Great Pacific Race for its first 7 days.

On June 7th, thirteen ocean-going rowboats depart Monterey, CA, en route to Waikiki in the first rowing race across the Pacific Ocean. The sailboat will serve as support in the unlikely event of emergency, crew disqualification, safety support, and as resupply vessel if needed.

Payment: The Great Pacific Race is willing to pay cash, equipment, or both.

Dates needed: June 7th – June 13th

Origin & Range: 100-200 nautical miles to/from Monterey, CA

Requirements: Ocean ready, maintained and preferably already outfitted with ocean liferaft, EPIRB etc

Skipper / Co-skipper Available: 14 years experience captaining sailboats, 100k nautical miles experience inc. 12 trans-oceanic crossings.

Race website: http://greatpacificrace.com/
If interested, please call Chris Martin on 707-799-8356 to arrange a conversation.