no hope

You just have to wonder what in the fuck some people are thinking…

bat shit crazySwedish sailor Sven Yrvind, 75 years old, is making plans to break a world record. His goal is to sail solo non-stop around the world with the smallest vessel ever, the Yrvind Ten, a 10-foot, 1.5-ton boat he has built himself using DIAB (Laholm, Sweden) Divinycell composites.

The journey, estimated to take about 600 days, this will be Yrvind’s longest voyage alone at sea. “People say it’s impossible. Who cares? It is not the first time people have discouraged me,” Yrvind says. Nearly 35 years ago, the U.K.’s Royal Cruising Club granted him the Seamanship Medal for sailing a 20-ft boat alone through the notoriously tempestuous waters off Cape Horn. His new endeavor will take him through those waters again. That is why he is taking no chances in constructing the Yrvind Ten. Composite construction is crucial in rough seas. More.