Big Pimpin’

It’s happening at Weta! A container is going into Lake Lanier, Atlanta for Mike Krantz and his mates who are creating an insta-fleet there. In Florida there are two hubs with building fleets, Pine Island/Cape Coral and Sarasota. Linda Wright has just bought a boat with the intention of doing the Everglades challenge and she’s been adventuring in her Weta with Randy, you can read all about it here.

 In the Mid West Tim Wieringa is organizing an awesome bunch of regattas including WetaFresh, a chance to wear your wetsuit in July! Tim is a great guy, very fun and relaxed. In North Carolina there is Duck Cup in just a couple of weeks, this should be flat water and windy perfect Weta conditions and a great opportunity for the Northerners to come down and enjoy some warm water. In New England Bob is hosting a Go Fast Clinic with fun racing and drills mid July.

On the West Coast there is an awesome core group of guys who are doing a whole bunch of regular racing, culminating in the Weta nationals in San Fran in October. There is already tons of interest with charters available from Pierpont Performance Sailing.