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Gouvernail asks some questions. You should answer…

Please note:
This is not a thread aimed at any particular class association, USSailing or the ISAF.
It is simply a discussion thread.

The United States Copperhead Association has not really existed since sometime around 1975.
The designer is dead
No new Copperhead has been built since the 1970s.
The molds were bought from the last company to build Copperheads around 1980 by a company who never built any Copperheads and has since destroyed and disposed of the molds.

I certainly would have no problem with someone finding a bunch of old Copperheads and deciding start a new association for managing the one design Copperhead game.
In fact, I think somebody could pop a mold off an old Copperhead and start building and selling new ones.
Somebody could write up all new rules and define the boat any way chosen.


Let’s say you don’t like an existing association and you want up start a better one.
How many sailors does it take to blow off an existing association and start a new one?
Who gets to decide which association is the legitimate one??
Can both associations be legitimate??
Just wondering how we decide it is ok for any group or individual to be on charge.
How do we decide another claimant of the position is unworthy??
If a class used to be well run but the chain of possession of the “authority” has allowed people who don’t care to be in charge…
What definitions and tools do we have to start a new authority??

For years Boxing has had various authorities and multiple individuals holding world titles. ISAF says you cant play on their games if you play in somebody else’s world championship.

Just tossing it out. Any thoughts??

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