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Big Pimpin’

toro 34The TORO34 did well at Les Voiles de St-Barth last week. After the Heineken regatta, where the results were not famous but where we saw the boat was doing well regarding the fleet, we decided to push it again. New friends met in St-Martin and Le CarrĂ© Lounge, our sponsor from St-Barth, made it possible and we were more than happy to fly back to the Caribbean o race an other time. Before this winter, the TORO34 hadn’t compete in major regatta and we were eager to confirm is potential… or not. Our new friends were in the mood to push the boat hard so it was a good occasion to do so.

At first we had to do some minor repairs since we faced serious conditions at the Heineken Regatta. We were not the only one to break a thing or two there if I remember some post here on SA. Fortunately it was not major and we did it the two days before Les Voiles de St-Barth along with a little sailing session so our new team mates could familiarized themselves with the boat.

The first race was in light air and we finished 4th in corrected time, behind the Seacart26 of Calle Hennix, the Gunboat62 Elvis and a KL28. We were a bit disapointed to not to be on the podium since we were close to it but were determined to push harder the next day. The second race was high in emotions since we finished 2nd but were finally disqualified because we missed a buoy. The wind was stronger for Race 3 and we hoped it was to help us, since the TORO34 can do well in those conditions. We were not disapointed and we finished 2nd, one minute behind the Seacart. And no disqualification this time. Weather conditions were the same for Race 4 and again this was good for us as we finished 1st. At last. In the end we finish on the podium, in 3rd place, after a very exciting week. And we are very happy with the TORO, knowing now it can race against other very good designs with no fear and can be pushed hard in big seas with confidence.

Check the video here.