they’re number one!

Our praise for all the wonderful things that make Fresno (home of the equally awesome Fresno Yacht Club), so incredibly wonderful, continues today with more news pushing Fresno right to the top of the slag heap. And now that they’ve moved so deftly beyond their usual scourge of meth, violence and crime, brave new worlds await Fresno. Good times. 

fresno rocksFRESNO — The state’s new effort to map the areas most at risk from pollution features hot spots up and down California. But nowhere are there more of the worst-afflicted areas than in Fresno — in particular a 3,000-person tract of the city’s west side where diesel exhaust, tainted water, pesticides and poverty conspire to make it No. 1 on California’s toxic hit list.

Pictured above, a local community member, apparently on his way to work, stops to celebrate the good news.

Pollution has long plagued the Central Valley, where agriculture, topography and poverty have thwarted efforts to clean the air and water. The maps released this week by the California Environmental Protection Agency show that eight of the state’s 10 census tracts most heavily burdened by pollution are in Fresno.

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