What’s in a name? Keith Magnussen on the TP 52 Destroyer creeping to Puerta Vallarta tells us..

Today was a good day (so far).  Woke up to a beautiful sunrise in front of us as we got close to breaking 100 NM’s.  Cruising along in 12 kts of breeze at 130twa with a polyester 1A (ask your local sail maker) that had a pretty ugly repair done in Acapulco after it was blown up there in a race.  Bruce Cooper and I were looking at it before we left and both had the same thoughts on it.. So there we were… going along redlining this thing since we did not have a 3A (weird right on a TP52) and Bruce asked me when I thought we should switch.

Well since we only had a 2A, plastic 5A and a 4A my answer was when God takes it down.. So 20 minutes later God took it down.  Ripped right at the head repair.  Finally some action! All hands on deck and a pretty good recovery.  With options limited we put up the plastic fractional 5A and off we go.  This is an interesting sail with a lot of load even in 13kts of breeze.  We are doing our targets so thats good.  Less than 50 miles to go and I am ready to be at the swim up bar.

Been a really fun trip at times and the whole crew is so nice and upbeat you can not help but enjoy it. Here we are