living the dream

Bringing a new product to market, especially a new sailboat, can be a time consuming, risky, expensive and sometimes futile, but with the new mxNext starting full production this week, we feel that it’s all been totally worthwhile. Since we started SpeedDream it’s been a fun and interesting ride. The sailing public seem genuinely interested in something new and completely different and this is borne out by the fact that we have already sold over a dozen mxNext’s, most of them sight unseen.

The SpeedDream concept is about putting more innovation and excitement into sailing. We are not saying that we are the only ones with good ideas, but we are forging a path that brings a new look and performance potential to boats of all sizes starting with the mxNext. The idea of a carbon fiber boat, very light and strong with a lot of sail area including a sizable asymmetrical spinnaker, and hiking wings to allow the sailor to get their weight as far outboard as possible, is pretty cool. The hiking wings combined with the swept back wave-piercing bow work well while giving the boat a very distinct look. All the sailors that have taken the mxNext out for a test sail have loved it.

Mark LeBlanc, the builder of the mxNext is a very talented composite manufacturer having built carbon masts for Ted van Dusen for years and was the builder of the mxNext predecessor, the mxRay, which almost twenty years ago became the first production single-handed skiff to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker. Mark has set up shop in New Hampshire, built the molds and is ready for the full production. He is able to produce two boats a week and will roll the first one off his production line this week.

Among other mxNext news – together with Extreme Sailing Series we are developing an interesting opportunity to race a small fleet of mxNext’s in Europe as part of their opening act, but at this point can’t say much more as the contracts are not signed yet. If you are intrigued by this opportunity please make direct contact and we will provide more information. Contact Brian Hancock at [email protected].