image (25)UPDATE: though a weak class, take a look at the battle at the front

Since the PV Race (San Diego to Puerto Vallarta)  starts today (or yesterday depending on when this goes up) for the smaller, or “slower” boats, and no one has chimed in, I figured it was my obligation to at least say something about a fun 1,000 mile race down the coast.  With Ronnie Simpson on his way to Hawaii there is no one to give us a run-down of the boats!  I feel almost lost!  So here is my version… abbreviated so don’t get upset if your favorite boat is not on here.

Class 4:  Velos has to have a good shot at being first to finish if there is any wind.  Looks slow but the grib files along the coast are never to accurate.  Got an up-close look at Swazik the other day and wow that is a beautiful boat.  They always sail well and on corrected time should be in there somewhere.

Class 3: Santa Cruz 50’s a J-125 and the Roger’s 46.  Would have been more exciting if Horizon and Resolute were still sailing in this fleet.  Have to give this class to the well sailed Rogers 46 “Bretwalda 3” who has been doing very well on the West Coast for the past few years. And speaking of Horizon, if anyone is looking to own the best and fastest SC 50 in the world, here is your chance.

Class 2:  Or known as the West Coast 70’s.  Not much to say about this fleet for me.  Same guys on the same boats doing the same things… Prediction: Pyewacket or Grand Illusion.  Most exciting thing in this fleet for me is knowing my friend Jack Bazz is having his first offshore race and is on Mirage.  Means another poerson to surf with when we get to PV.

Class 1:  Happens to be the class I am in on board the TP52 “Destroyer” which is the ex-Grins.  Interesting class here because of the variety of boats.  Meanie, with Jeff Thorpe (Elvis) on board, has to have the advantage here.  This guy seems like he can do no wrong offshore these days.  On a side note, Meanie will be staying in Mexico and going Acapulco.  This makes 4 TP52’s in Acapulco and rumor of another one coming.  Say a 2015 TP52 circuit stop there is in order?  So the other 52’s in this fleet… Vincitore has a pretty regular group of guys and should put in a good showing.  Destroyer is a new boat for the family and we are going with a relatively large crew so doing well would be something of a massive bonus.  Bad Pak is such a sweet looking boat and I hope that they get is moving and sailing to its potential.

So the wind is looking a little on the light side but I don’t think it matters because everyone is excited and looking forward to sunshine (well more sunshine if you live in California) and another adventure. Track us here.

Keith Magnussen