rum dum 2

Our gal Lexa is at the Heineken regatta too. Here’s her somewhat different perspective…

lexa 2Racing day 2 kicked off this morning with a fleet nearly 200 deep, ranging from small sportboats up to gleaming maxi yachts. The fleet grew considerably from yesterday’s Commodore’s Cup, where a smaller number of boats (but still a solid fleet) competed in what was, for many crews (including our own), as much a shakedown of crew and equipment as it was a highly competitive pair of windward-leeward races.

 Today, with crews acclimated and some damaged sails repaired, the full fleet headed out into the around-the-island race with winds steadily over 20 knots. The beat around the back of the island was intense and challenging, with strong gusts whipping off the edges of the hills on shore, creating shifty conditions. All well worth it for a glorious reach over big azure blue swells toward the finish!

As this is my first time racing in the Caribbean, I was thrilled to come here and find such a large and diverse fleet. Hailing from a northeast US racing circuit where many people seem to enjoy standing on the dock, arms crossed, complaining that any given regatta is “dead”, I am pleasantly surprised to find that sailing is very much alive and well. It’s also good to see that the parties here are real parties.
These are not gatherings of old guys in matching shorts, standing idly about a lawn. It has been a few hot nights of DJs, drinks, Heineken girls and temporary tattoos that seem to end up on rather ill-advised body parts. Looking forward to the parties this evening in Phillipsburg, and more heated action on the race course in the morning…