it’s all good

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Jonathan Weston a keen west coast Weta owner is out training for WetaFest, which will be held in Fort Walton, Florida next weekend. I’m coming over from New Zealand to be the Weta Marine rep at the regatta and i’m stoked that I get to be involved which such a well organised regatta. With 20 entries listed and a few more promised it will be the biggest Weta fleet that I’ve ever raced in and I’m really looking forward to experiencing Weta racing as it was meant to be. As a long time laser sailor and a new convert to F18’s and F16’s catamarans the Weta is the perfect combination of the two. Fun, close, fast and tactical racing!

And let’s not forget what’s happening off the water, good food, good drink and good parties, Fort Walton knows how to put on a regatta! Salt boards are sponsoring a Weta wake skate competition, Ronstan is providing some awesome prizes, including a cool new toy the Vaavud wind meter for smart phones and some of their great new watches. Plus keep an eye on the weather with WRI, who will be providing forecasts each day fromĀ 05 through 09 March, 2014. These forecasts will be available by visiting this link. Not to mention the awesome food from Fudruckers.

This promises to be a great regatta, if you are on the fence, time to get off and organize how to get to WetaFest!