call of the west

call of the west

What’s with all this One Design Sailing in SF Bay and other places?

Yeah, it’s happening everywhere but specifically in San Francisco Bay we have the Melges 20 North Americans this year, the Worlds Next. Farr 40 Worlds in October and those are just highlights! We’ve long had a big fleet of the venerable Moore 24’s, the ever present fleets of Express 27’s, Knarrs, Folkboats and of course the huge fleet of J105’s.

This year the J111 class has burst onto the Bay with a one-design schedule in the new Fleet 5 racing season where it looks like 7-8 boats will be on the line. 3 new boats in various stages of development and the hot red “Mental (Now called Big Blast) just landing from her long ride out from Chicago.     Some video action from Frisco right here.

Here’s the J111 schedule for 2014.

March 15-16 Spring One Design StFYC
April 5-6 JFest StFYC
April 26-27 Vallejo Race VYC
June 7-8 June Invitational StFYC
Aug 2-3 2nd Half Opener EYC
Aug 22-24 Aldo Alessio StFYC
Sept 11-14 RolexBBS StFYC
Oct 25 Great Pumpkin RYC

J70’s are officially one-design in SF Bay too. 11 boats are here with more selling all the time. The local dealer, Sail California is sold out through April but has boats yet unspoken for coming in May.

There’s a great series of races for 2014 in J70 Fleet 19.

March 8-9 Big Daddy RYC
April 5-6 JFest StFYC
May 17-18 Elite Keel SFYC (Worlds Qualifier)
May 31 Delta Ditch SSC
June 27-29 LBRW ABYC (Worlds Qualifier)
July 19-20 High Sierra FYC
Aug 16-17 Summer Keel SFYC
Aug 30 Jazz Cup SBYC
Sept 11-14 Rolex BBS StFYC
Oct 25-26 Great Pumpkin RYC

j 70 frisco

The J70 is exploding worldwide with 85 (nope, this is NOT a typo) boats racing Charleston Race Week. This is nothing short of amazing given that two years ago there were none in existence. J70’s are reserved through hull #629 as of today! I can only imagine what will happen when McConaghy gets up to speed with their production!

I’m not going to question why, I’m just stoked to see high quality one-design racing expanding on San Francisco Bay. Send your own one-design success stories to the Ed. He loves this shit!

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Rondar Raceboats
Sail California
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Title thanks to Wall of Voodoo.