the mounting

Here’s the full crash and aftermath of Nick Maloney’s Aberdeeen team mounting Groupama like something from Animal Planet.  A few cuts and bruises but no major injuries, and with the level of carbonologists around, a good chance that both boats will be able to sail tomorrow. The crash also featured a Brit vs. a Frenchman and some great commentary from Freddy Carr; add it all up and you get a big win for the Extreme Sailing Series. Morgan Larson continues to crush at the helm of Alinghi though EXSS superman Leigh McMillan is starting to come on; it’s a little bizarre to cheer for a Swiss team run by an American but not too different from cheering for an American team driven by an Australian – so we say Go Alinghi!

We’ll have the final day’s live video coverage up on this page later this evening, though we don’t quite understand why the EXSS has chosen to only cover a couple of races and 90 minutes of action that never really lets you get the story of the regatta or actually be able to follow the drama of the event.  Chat about it all in the thread.