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ventusVentus Navigation LLC has just released the Android version of their race winning Ventus PRO append it is now available from the Google Play Store. It is a slightly updated version of their successful iPhone version that is being used by world class navigators and skippers in over 20 countries.

Now all Android users can have the same power to control Expedition in the palm of their hand as used on Victoire, the Overall Winner of this year’s Sydney/Hobart Race! In owner Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson own words – “Ventus Navigation helped with our Sydney to Hobart race win!!”

Ventus PRO gives you the complete wireless handheld solution for Expedition Navigation Software. Take full advantage of all the power built into Expedition wirelessly from anywhere on the boat. It offers the ability to have as many displays as you want, anywhere you want them, no need to buy expensive instrument displays, and re-wire your boat. If you currently use Expedition, clearly the most powerful navigation and routing program on the market, or are considering moving to it, this is the must have app.

The addition of Expedition and Ventus to your instrument package gives you access to high end instrument calibrations found only in very expensive systems that include their own race processors. Expedition software gives you the same ability to calibrate all aspects of your system with calibration tables to make you instruments accurate on all points of sail, in all wind conditions, and save thousands of dollars.

The new Ventus PRO-Android is the complete solution; able to receive all the calibrated data Expedition puts out and send commands back to Expedition for key functions, including the ability to ping the ends of the starting line, view the active mark in your current course, select the mark you want to make active in your current courses, and has a remote MOB button on each page.

Learn more about all the Ventus Navigation apps   at www.ventusnavigation.com or like us on Facebook at facebook/ventusnavigation.