old school

Our journo friend (a rare thing here at SA) Chris Museler shares a little knowledge…

It is uncanny how the sea and sailboats offer the most unimaginable adventures and, in turn, education, one can ever experience as a human being. Some discover this right off the bat as a young child exploring shallow bays in a dinghy. Others spend their last hours, and dollars, sailing in a straight line for as many days as possible to soak up the grandure that is life on this aquatic planet.
I know three families who have come to this realization at mid-life and luckily for them, they have young children whom they can share their wanderlust. And these sailors have done what seems to be the hardest part in taking a grand adventure: they actually moved onto a sailboat!

One couple has spent years angling to actualize their experience as charter captains pre-children and re-explore the caribbean with their son and daughter. Another has found a life, they hope, will re-define their core reliance on each other and allow them to educate their children in an open and inspiring way. Yet another couple, spur of the moment, decided circumstances were ripe for an adventure and recognized the potential to create a family connection beyond almost anything you could accomplish on land.

I will write about their diverse stories. Each family comes from a very different socio-economical background and has different interests and approaches to navigating through life. And it is wonderful to watch those approaches unfold in their boat and homeschooling choices. Read on.