world view

Alec Cutler sailing hedgehog sends in this report from the first day of the Melges 24 Worlds in Frisco

“It’s never like this here.” Well…. maybe it is. Life-long Berkeley Circle pro Jeff Madrigali seemed to be quite comfortable with the light southwesterly, which was constantly under threat from a the frontal northerly. Great job Jeff and Team Mikey, on a rock solid 7, 2, 4! Next closest, but far less consistent, was hedgehog with a 13, 10, 1, and Italian boat Altea, with a really consistent 8, 8, 8.

hedgehog’s morning brief was like many others, I’d bet. We reminded ourselves that we couldn’t win the Worlds on day one, but we could certainly lose it. Our goal for the day was to get 3 top 10s, and by doing so, not sail our way out of the event, or pick up our drop race in the light and non-standard San Fran conditions. We also expected that we and most top teams would face some adversity today, and need to sail well from behind in at least one race. A look at today’s other race winners bears this out: Terry Hutchinson and Team RoseBud won race 1 by 40+ seconds, and posted a 26 in race 3. Perennial World’s contender Brian Porter on Full Throttle won race 2, while finishing 16th in race 3. It’s not easy!!

3 races are scheduled for today. The local RC guy thinks conditions will be just as tough, so stand by for some more random numbers again. Results n’ stuff here.

hedgehog out!