the glass is half full…

Alec Cutler breaks down today’s Melges 24 Worlds…

Day 2 brought a frontal northerly fighting the traditional westerly sea breeze. After a 1 hr delay the sea breeze won enough for the RC to get in two lightish windward-leewards. After 4:30 the northerly came back in and that sent us all to the harbor.

1.5 mile beats with current favoring the left and shift favoring the right made for some huge pile ups at the first windward mark in both races. The fiberglass and gel coat guys have lots of work tonight. Bora on West Marine and and reigning European champs Blu Moon had great days. Blu Moon’s was perhaps a bit more impressive after rounding the first mark in the 30s in race 2.

As for hedgehog, our day was wrecked by a mystery 5 mil stretch in our fore stay which killed our ability to point and hold our lane off the starting line. Our fault for not recognizing it until we measured it at the dock. After efficiently managing our way into the third row after minute one of each race, good race course management by Richard helped us scratch out an 11 and 16 for the day. The regatta is 1/2 over, and we need to sail extremely well from here if we are to win. The boys are up for it, and the aggressiveness will be tweaked up a bit tomorrow.

Wind is predicted to be weirder tomorrow as the front keeps lingering over the area. The frontal northerly will continue to torment the famous San Fran sea breeze we all got used to in training and watching the America’s Cup. Hopefully the front will pass soon and we can experience some of the big wind sailing we all came hoping to see. Results.