not dead but definitely dying

A quick look at the entry list for the San Diego to Ensenada Race reveals a sad truth about the sad state of handicap racing  in this town: it is moribund. Especially sports boats. 5 sporties total going on this race. 5. And a further reveal, once you look past the cruisers, 3 doublehanded,  and one lone multihull entry, is that there are a total of 31 boats racing. 31.

Granted, SWYC does a terrible job of promoting this race, and granted, it can be a trying race at times, but it is a near perfect distance to race to Ensenada, and it is a race that should be packed with all boats, especially sports boats. But it isn’t, because sports boats, rather than being an obvious choice for San Diego, are actually decreasing in numbers. Dago is a conservative and stodgy sailing town and whatever wave sports boats were riding has long passed this dull sailing town.  And it ain’t coming back. What a shame.

Thanks to Jack Johnson for the lyrical inspiration.