new rules

Anarchist Chris presents this as a new way forward for the America’s Cup. What’s yours?

The Boat:
1. 60′ foiling cat out of a common symmetrical female mold. Each team can reinforce the hull for shrouds & centerboard locations as they please (goal is cost savings – Hull no longer touches water much so design is largely irrelevant).
2. Cross beams must disassemble from hulls for shipping (cost saver).
3. Mast two sections for ease of shipping (cost saver)
4. Wing mast. Contemplate a Spec spar (cost saver).
5. Standardize the centerboard bearing to a new common spec centerboard trunk/mechanism (cost saver).
6. Foils: Max four sets, possibly carbon only construction vs. Ti & carbon.
Advantages: easy shipping, build three hulls to have two and a spare in case of damage. Common centerboard trunks creates ability post event for teams to experiment and advance.

The Event:
1. Traveling roadshow to 4-6 city venues for 2 consecutive weekend events at each venue. Points from each event count to the challenger and defender selection, but not so many points can be achieved that anyone is mathematically badly handicapped before challenger finals in SF.
2. As boats are eliminated, activate fleet races for the ones that are out so those boats are still on the water – avoids one race/day problem and delivers guaranteed full summer of visibility for sponsors rather than visible until eliminated. The key to making golf interesting on TV is there are 18 holes going at once – lots more for the director to choose from. Great AC coverage in the past had the same thing, a rounding over here, a battle over there, back to another rounding, etc.
3. Finals in San Francisco – great venue for land viewing. Extend one leg to send the boats to a upwind mark 500 meters past the Gate. Iconic photo op and great viewing opportunity.
4. F1 has 4-5 other class races leading up to the big race each weekend – get the 45’s out every day first, followed by the big kahuna main event each day. Absurd to drive into the city for one 35 minute race during the trials and then the day is over.

Rules Changes:
1. Nationality – 60% crew from nation of challenge
2. Eliminate or broaden course boundaries – have to be able to achieve true splits to different winds (both sides of Alcatraz would have been awesome).
3. Boat must finish with all crew members (absurd to be able to leave overboard members behind)
4. Change penalty to 100 meters if ahead and 50 meters if behind. Current two boat lengths is too painless; sailors will figure out that the risk/reward ratio favors pushing too far because the penalty is low.
5. Expand wind range and time limit.