snap dat

Here’s a little something new and different for ya. The new SA snap back flat bill hats. Choose either black with silver logo on front, full color logo on back, or white with black logo on front and full logo on back. And yes, we know those of you who still wear your Members Only jackets, pink Izod shirts (with upturned collar), and like your shorts above your knees, will always think that flat bills are too “ghetto” and “gangsta”. Sigh….

For the rest of us who only rock the flatties, get yours today! And if you really want to represent, check out our SA Trucker Hats. The White Trash Sailor’s dream! Foam front, mesh back. Tall, bad ass and one you must have in your hat collection. Unless of course you are waiting for Disco to come back…

Oh and if you order the new snap backs, ya get one of our brand new bumper stickers, free!