The story is funny enough, but leave it to  Stephen Barclay, ACEA CEO to wade right into the sea of irony. If anyone knows anything about tarnishing “The Brand”, it would be Barclay

Gameday Merchandising International, a Denver sports merchandising company, has initiated arbitration against the America’s Cup Event Authority after it stripped the company of the main merchandising agreement for the regatta, which was signed in March 2012, according to court documents.

Gameday is seeking $4.2 million in damages, and has gone to San Francisco Superior Court seeking a judge’s order that Golden Gate Yacht Club is responsible for paying any money the company is awarded in arbitration.

“They were making stuff without our approval, and we were finding the stuff in places that we didn’t think were appropriate, for example Walgreens,” Barclay said. “Potentially, the brand itself would be tarnished by where some of this unapproved product was being sold.”

Gameday has “a track record of failing to abide by their contractual terms, so they were terminated,” Barclay said. Neither a spokesperson for the company nor its attorneys could be reached for comment. Read more, thanks to the SF Gate.