flap yer yap

How, like, so totally awesome and so incredibly “professional” to have professional speaker, “generational humorist” and non-sailor Meagan Johnson as a “keynote” speaker at the US Ailing “Leadership Forum”!!  It is like, so out-of-the box, forward looking creative thinking like this that will really make a difference in our sport!!! Come on everybody – let’s get psyched!! Like,  can’t you tell how happening and positive and cute/quirky she is by her spiky ‘do? Yes, yes you can Zap the Gap!!

Zap the Gap?? God damn right! This professional speaker “will discuss alternative ways of thinking on how to work and communicate with the various generations in the workplace.” Holy christ, for real? Like telling the young whipper snappers not to yell at gramps because he just shipped 500 pairs of shoes to St. Peterburg, Russia? Or telling gramps not to “go negative” about those “fuckin’ useless kids on their god damn cell phones”?

We had a look at this fast talking, non-funny, “funny” woman (a whopping 482 YouTube views on a 2012 video) and almost cannot believe that someone (or more likely a lot of someones) at US Sailing thought this was going to be anything other than the annoying, manufactured waste of time that it clearly is. Better yet, how much are they paying this rodeo clown to perform?

Another sad commentary on a sport that is losing it’s way. But thank christ there is a “generational humorist” to make it all better!