back down, bitch

When your main “journalistic” skill is cutting and pasting other’s work, you can look like even more of an idiot than you already are when you get nailed for pasting something as retarded as  the Lackey recently did. And when he did, he got bitch slapped by the AC honchos he regularly bows down to. Hey Lackey, how’d their ass taste?  And the NY Times calls and you have “no comment”? A common chicken shit reply from the gutless. Oh well, at least you finally did something to make it in the NY Times. Just don’t tell anybody why….

Ehman fired back. In e-mail exchanges with the Scuttlebutt editor and publisher Craig Leweck, exchanges that Ehman also sent to others and were obtained by The New York Times, Ehman pressured Leweck to remove the post about the lawsuit. “Responsible journos” who have looked into the lawsuit, Ehman wrote, have “long since dismissed it as an attempted shakedown or worse of GGYC/ACEA/LJE” — referring, presumably, to Golden Gate Yacht Club, the America’s Cup Event Authority and Lawrence J. Ellison, the chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation. 

“Are you the responsible voice of American sailing like Scuttlebutt used to be, or vying to be the latest and greatest sailing tabloid?” Ehman wrote.

Leweck, who declined to comment for this article, is a one-person operation based in San Diego. He received further pressure to delete the story from his Web site, including phone calls from high-level America’s Cup officials. The e-mails show that, after an adamant stand, Leweck eventually sent a proposed draft of an editor’s note explaining the disappearance of the article to Ehman and several other high-ranking America’s Cup officials. The published version included more remorseful language. Read the entire article here.