will they?

All is well onboard Tritium this morning. They hit yet another log yesterday evening and damaged the daggerboard again. It was even worse than the first time so they had to turn it back over again! The boat has been lit up all night flying in high 20’s. Plenty of google-eyed crew as they sat on 27-28-29 knots all thru the night.

Right now (11 AM) they are 218 miles away and at 25 knots. They Still have a couple of jibes to put in so the record will be close but it is still in reach. At sunrise they passed by 75 metres from Manatea, who has led the fleet from day one at full speed which was fun for everyone. Everyone is in great spirits, super tired especially from the wild ride last night but really happy and pushing their hardest to get across the line in record time.

Follow the tracker here, which is lamely, inexplicably delayed by six hours…

 And the last from the wounded West Coast Warrior….

So I said never again on the Turbo camper (First 40) I was on last time… well this is like déjà vu. The rudder won’t let us get going until we see 20kts of breeze. We just sort of roll along and hit 11 kts of boat speed and then it is like sticking a shovel off the back of the boat. Anyways.. beautiful day of sailing here in the Pacific. Pulled off some pushups on the new incline bench in the back of the boat. Webb did 100 with me as we took turns driving and using the heel of the boat to increase the difficulty level. Not much to do but drive and stay busy.

Wanted to give a shout out to the rigging company that did the work on the boat. Won’t say their name because of all the things they messed up on. Bad splices, spin sheets and tack line too short and we had to re-do the tails of the spin sheets. You guys really hooked it up nice for an allegedly reputable company.. nice one!

Jamming some good reggae tunes and enjoying the sunshine. The race to the bar is on and looking forward to seeing a particular lady. K-Mag out.