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K-Mag on the J/125 West Coast Warrior has slightly better Transpac news than Phaedo’s…

What up eh?  The T-Pac is in full effect and the Canada based J-125 ‘West Coast Warrior’ is steaming along towards the finish.  Once again I find myself with an eclectic group aboard this bad ass boat.  Owner Greg is one of the most fun guys I have worked for.  We just up the 4eh (Canada version) after some epic sailing with the 3eh.  These boats are fun and fast.  We had a tough time getting offshore as we beat into the shit with the Jib top (not our best point of sail) and watched us get water lined by some of the bigger boys.  It sucked watching the hippie sail away from us on Horizon but we are now on his tail after planning our way back into the mix.  

Day 1 and 2 I was convinced this sucked… then we got into 125 mode and we have been laughing our asses off as we sailed Cadillac style in 20+ kts of wind.  I cannot stress how rad these boats are in the right conditions.  The crew is clicking and my boy Dustin Durant is providing comic relief and Zac Schramm is keeping us grounded with his more conservative style.  I figured he would balance out the crazy act that is Dustin and myself… but no one is more crazy than Greg!  Last night he tells me his vertigo is kicking in as he redlines the 3A in 24kts of breeze at like 125TWA..  

Holy shit I didn’t even know that was possible.  Then I thought I caught it as I took over at 4am and the horizon started going in circles… just a 40 degree wind shift was messing with me.  Doug and Webb are quietly taking it all in and enjoying the e ticket ride.. not sure they knew what they were getting into with us dudes.  

Webb busted out some Fireball whisky this morning as I was pegged at 142TWA on the step doing a constant 15+…Nothing is stranger than taking a sip of that shit at sunrise but hey it is an experience eh?

We are happy where we are at and hopefully going to take out some our rivals.. Horizon for me, Relentless for Dustin since it is his father’s boat.  Standing’s don’t mean a lot right now but we are in the mix in our class… not bad for a group that came together and met for the first time 3 days before the race!  Well I am going to puff on the Eco ‘Moke and chill (see picture for Eco ‘moke cause these guys should sponsor Dustin and I).

Title inspiration, and so much more, thanks to Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Keith out