i’m waiting…

Keith Magnussen shares a peek at the J/125 Warrior as they lurch across the pond…

So the Transpac is here again and I am doing yet another voyage with a few foreigners across the Pacific. Last time it was the French… This time it is with the Canadians (almost the same in some regards). Consummate adventure seeker Greg Constable purchased the J-125 Warrior (Dr Laura’s old boat) with the intentions of going fast across the ocean. He purchased the correct boat. I have not seen a boat this immaculate in a long time and I can not remember seeing a 40ft boat with this much money into it. Dr. Laura did an amazing job (money wise.. someone else did the work!) getting this J-125 outfitted with the best gear and best layout possible.

Greg then went and spent another bundle of money doing even more! We even have crew shirts for the ladies! Yes that is my lady pictured in it so hands off dirty sailors –  she does not like you!

I signed on with Greg a few months ago and finally met him last week (he has been climbing Machu Picchu and doing other fun things) and much to my delight we got along perfectly. He asked me to help round out the crew so I invited friend and Long Beach Match Racing Pro Dustin Durant along for the ride. Zac Schram was referred to us by many people and he got the final spot. We are thankful to have him on board because he seems to know and do it all. Greg has brought his long time crew Webster Kimmerly and Doug Backhouse on board and the six of us are destined for something fun at some point!

We have been checking out the sail inventory and ironing out a few of the bugs but are ready to go. Testing in 20+kts the other day was a little bit of a teaser as this boat really lights up in that stuff. We have set our goals for the race and are realistic about our chances but we will race hard and see what happens. One boat I am always aiming to beat (even though they are not in our class) is the SC-50 Horizon. After growing up with Erik Shampain, and now working with him, it is always a matter of office bragging rights…. Plus I figure if we beat them then we are right in the mix. Plus I am sailing with Horizon from Oahu to Kauai at the end of the month and it would be nice not to get to much rousting from the Hippie on the way over.

Anyways we are looking for a fast trip across and some good times to be had! I think Dustin and I have the good times covered so let’s just hope for fast. (Warrior is currently 1st in Div 4 – ed)