video thursday

Another week, another installment of the most interesting sailing videos anywhere.  Why dig through Youtube and Vimeo when we do it for ya?


nine lives

Of the few thousands folks chugging and flapping their way around the world, Taru Tuomi and her boyfriend (we always forget his name…wonder why) are probably the sexiest of all;; they’re certainly amongst the best videographers, and since her first World Tour video hit the interwebs, Taru’s gotten literally hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on her oh-so-perfect body.  The international duo made this one while headed from Columbia to Florida; if anything can inspire you to go cruising, this shit can!  Keep on eye on their site for the latest.


hey, you scratched my rudder! 

The only thing we like better than a gorgeous bikini-clad girl on a yacht is…well, nothing.  But waterborne carnage runs a close second, especially when caused by something big and piggy.  Need to let your inner pun out about this bulk carrier’s little wander through Norway’s Levanger Marina?  Share it in the thread and props to Anarchist “pbd” and Caddyshack for the title.



Sydney’s Beau Outteridge from the hilarious Bangin’ The Corners channel gives us his choice of anthems for the four LV/AC teams.  It’s great to have Beau back in the light, and we think ACRM should stick with these as the official team songs for every broadcast.  If there are any more broadcasts, that is.  And for our Aussie and Kiwi pals having trouble watching the “Louis Vuitton Time Trials”, here’s a good solution.


On The Water Niner-chy 

The boys at the 49er European Championship have taken low(ish) budget live sailing coverage to the next level, and we salute them.  It takes a lot of balls to spend so much cash on something that may or may not catch on, but the coverage is solid:  It’s got more angles, closer shots, and better commentary than the Louis Vuitton Cup – that should be good for something!  We’re expecting even more from them at Worlds in just a couple of months…stay tuned.


I’m With Stupid 

Thanks to Jeremy Clarkson and Captain Slow, some 300 million people around the world now know a little about an AC45.  They know it’s wet, uncomfortable, and costs a million bucks, and that if you create a well-contrived race between a catamaran and a rental car, the catamaran might just win.  We’re speaking of course about the 20th season of Top Gear, the world’s most-watched TV show.  In the first episode of their new season, they sign up Sir Ben Ainslie and one of Oracle’s AC45s to race from the Coromandel to the top of New Zealand against a rental car.

We know Clarkson can be a twat, and that James May isn’t have the buffoon he plays in this episode.   And yeah – most of the sailing scenes and audio are staged for effect.  But it’s still one of the funniest shows on television, and we’re massive fans, and anything that makes sailing look exciting is, to us, a coup for the sport.