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major ballin’

 Cup organizers and the visionaries behind the AC72 may have screwed the pooch in almost every measurable way (as Pierre points out in a scathing piece on Vsail), though there’s one thing they continue to do well, and that’s cross promote.  Whether it’s a lap at the Indy 500 or getting all three and a half Cup teams down to the ballpark to throw out the first pitch for a Major League game with the actual Cup in the background, the AC’s publicity team continues to bang the drum to get nonsailors interested in the Cup.    They even gave away AC posters to the first 40,000 fans to arrive; something that probably cost more money than most regattas’ entire budget.

There’s only one problem with this strategy: How do you tell those potential new fans to come check it out and to buy tickets when you don’t even have an official schedule?

Of course the Giants beat another Cup city – the San Diego Padres – by two runs after a late comeback.  And in the cross-training competition, we’re told that Spithill has the fastest pitch…Gilles Martin-Raget photo.