mindless killers


Oh no! These poor sons of bitches, who, thanks to Mother Nature, won’t be able to go out to wantonly and brutally kill nature for no reason other than the blood sport of killing. What a hideous and loathsome thing to kill sharks for the entertainment of sadistic murderous retards. Where  is the fucking outrage over this sickening display of  mindless slaughter ? Too busy defending your 2nd Amendment rights??

Tropical Storm Andrea, which is making its way up the East Coast, has caused the postponement of the 33rd Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament by a week.

The footprint for what organizers say is the oldest and richest shark tournament in New Jersey will remain the same, commencing with the Captain’s Meeting on June 13 at 6 p.m. The location will remain South Jersey Marina in Cape May, and the format, prize categories and calcuttas are also unchanged.