because it’s the cup

Wait, that’s not the America’s Cup? You mean to say that this picture looks more interesting than what the AC has produced so far? Incredibly, the answer is yes. 4 sexy MOD 70’s mix it up during practice/media day at the Route Des Princes (Mark Lloyd photo). The inaugural RdP is a bit of an odd duck, organized to rescue the 2013 big multihull circuit when the folks running the MOD class realized it still costs money to organize a series of just four boats.  So OCEvents and a pile of others put together the series for the Multi 50, MOD 70 and any other big multis.  It’s still uniquely French; a mix of four offshore legs around the coast of Europe, inshore racing with a focus on media and sponsor fulfillment, and a series of local culinary festivals organized by title sponsor and vegetable cooperative Prince De Bretagne.  Crazy fast multihulls combined with amazing local food and wine…yeah, uniquely French.

But the real question is not “why is this better than the AC?”  The real question is what the hell is JuanK doing hanging out in the press room when his new AC72 is going racing in less than 30 days?   And aren’t there some pressing questions regarding his old boat?

Perhaps this confirms rumors that Juan got the flick from Artemis as Farevela speculated…or that the entire team is going on an early, and permanent, vacation? Or maybe Juan is just hanging around with the French to pick up some pointers from the real multihull experts?

Title inspiration/deception thanks to the best time in all of sports.