the C word

What a boon Craigslist has been for boat owners everywhere.  Where else can you sell huge hunks of useless crap without spending a dime or putting more than 30 seconds of effort into the sale?

The Mocking Craiglist Ads thread is daily reading at Sailing Anarchy HQ, and we encourage you to read it and play along when you see your next idiotic ad.  For instance, to the left you’ll find a beautiful, camo-treated scow for just $200.  What a bargain!

And then here’s today’s piece of art purporting to sell a Morgan, apparently (and actually from eBay):

“this  is  a   great   truely  blue  water   vessel ,  3/4  keep  ruder  atch ,  very  rugard ,  hydrological  steering     i  boug as  a   project    i  was   built  with  a  experiment   carbon fiber  mask which failed  i   punched a  good    mast for  her ,  that  is in fort Myers, i get full price  i can let it  go, was  going   deck  step  the  old  one  i   i let  go  if  get  the  asking    price  still   needs   pant , and  pulled  bottom job,     Morgan st-errs , runs drives,  very  rugged    under   priced     blue  water  cruiser ,boats  is  locked   in  Florida   any  questions  call   502 3668233  great  wind less ,  12 thousand  pounds  of  lead keel if   you want  a   project boat  that   can  sail  the seven seas  this  is   it seller rezerve the right  to remove this  add  for other sale at  eny  time  ,,  sold as  is where “